1. Johannes Helgeson


    Johannes Helgeson is a Concept Artist and Illustrator, currently based in Montreal, Canada. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Helgeson earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree at University of Skövde.

    After graduating, Helgeson worked at a range of games companies including Redsteam Studios, Gameloft, GoodGame Studios, and Activision. He worked as a freelancer for a short while before finally landing a job at game developers and visual effects company, Hibernum Creations.

    If you are a follower of Helgeson’s work, you will already know he is an incredibly humble artist. Regularly praising others, while simultaneously recognising his own areas for improvement. Often outright belittling his accomplishments. You only need to read his introduction to a recent interview, How to Become Successful at Digital Art, to understand what I mean. But do not be fooled Helgeson knows what he is talking about, and I strongly recommend you take the time to read the interview. I m sure you will take away a lot from it.

    With that said, his humility does resonate. A skill vs. confidence conflict that all artist have. I think Jamie Hewlett summed it up best in an interview for Alfred Dunhill, when he said,

    “I’m never content. Maybe I never will be. But I secretly know that is what makes you grow.”

    Helgeson’s strive for improvement is evident in sheer number of studies he posts. Since April 2014, he has painted 144 pieces. Each taking roughly 3 hours, making a total of 432 hours. Each one trying out something new, each one beautiful.

    You can see his studies as well as more of Johannes Helgeson’s work on ArtStation and Tumblr. Be sure to also follow him on Twitter.