1. In Their Own Words – Yinfaowei Harrison Tombra


    Freelance colourist and concept artist Yinfaowei Harrison Tombra tells us how 90s Saturday morning shows, fantasy, and African history have inspired his work.

    I was born in 1992 at Asaba, a city situated on a terrace of the lower Niger River in Delta State, Nigeria. In 2001 my family moved to Lagos, which is where I was raised and still live today.

    I discovered illustration in the 90s watching old Cartoon Network shows like Action Man, Max Steel, Batman and Kamen Rider. These Saturday morning shows led to me becoming a self-taught digital artist.

    I am a freelance colourist though I am transitioning into environment and concept art for games and animations. My professional journey into illustration began in 2012 with an internship at a newly created gaming studio making African and Nigerian theme styled games, Kuluya in Lagos Nigeria. Following my internship, I began freelancing as a comic colourist, working on titles including Tarzan for Dynamite Comics, an issue of Skull Kickers for Image Comics, some issues of Captain Canuack for Chapter House, some covers for John Wick and one of my favourite projects, the webcomic series Under a Jovian sun.

    I am currently working on a graphic novel greatly influenced by the activities of Lagos policemen, Canine Bastards, with my friends and illustrator Ifesinachi Adrian Orjiekwe.

    My work draws inspiration from fantasy and African/Nigerian history. I aim to convey mood and emotion using light and colour in my art and this has been the most important part of my work.

    You can find more of Yinfaowei’s work on his website and Artstation.