1. Ignacio Fernandez Maroto


    Ignacio Fernandez Maroto, better known as Bambinomonkey, is a character designer and art director based in Madrid, Spain. He has worked on animation projects for Cartoon Network, Canal+, Best Buy and Kool Aid.

    Maroto recently worked with award-winning creative studio Blind to create an interactive video for Coldplay’s INK. The beautifully animated spectacle is about “a lost traveler who journeys to the ends of the world in hopes of finding his lost love.” The viewer can make real-time choices throughout the video. There are over 300 possible paths to take, and if you are lucky enough, you can be saved by a grizzly bear.

    Maroto’s work is full of energy. His characters are whittled down to their simplest of shapes. Often going along their merry way with huge grins. His environments use harmonious colour pallets. With subtle touches of dust and light, he nicely captures and conveys the atmosphere.

    You can find more of Ignacio Fernandez Maroto’s work on his website, Tumblr, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.