1. Denis Borisovich


    Denis Borisovich is a Russian illustrator and animator. Based in Moscow, he has worked for Russian animation studios Toonbox and was a member of the visual art group honkfu.

    As part of team Arctq17, Borisovich worked on the Opening for the Russian Animation Festival Suzdal twice. The first time in 2013 where they created The Goose. Followed up in 2014 with all out barbarism in The Serpent Princess.

    Borisovich’s work is a mixed bag of styles, but in all of them, you can see strong street art influences. His earthy palette somehow avoids feeling subdued and calm and manages feels be rousing and bold. His character, no matter how abstract, still exudes attitude.

    You can find more of Denis Borisovich’s work on DeviantArt, Instagram, Facebook and look through some of his older work on his blog.