1. Delfina Pérez Adán


    Delfina Pérez Adán is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Dibujos, Argentina. She creates characters and backgrounds for animation as well as illustrations for magazines and comics.

    Adán was born in Bahía Blanca, Argentina, and studied graphic design at the University of Buenos Aires (UAB). In 2016, she collaborated with Buenos Aires-based animation studio Le Cube on the opening short for Mexico’s animation festival, CutOut Fest. Last year, working with human-powered storytellers, Sloop, Adán was head of design and characters on a promotional short for Terra Translations. Adán’s work was also featured in the Adventure Time Fan Art Book by Monoblock.

    Adán’s lively work depicts cool characters often with bright red skin, wide-eyes and stylish blue hair. She squashes and stretches the proportions of their tubular bodies, giving the impression that they are made from Play-Doh. She solidifies her worlds using bold, vibrant palettes, which add a sense of fun and the fantastical.

    You can find more of Delfina Pérez Adán’s work on her website, Tumblr and Instagram. You can also check out her Spanish-language comic, El Cartucho Maldito on Gumroad.