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Dan Krall

Dan Krall

I love that Dan Krall is not afraid to experiment in his illustrations. It’s fearless, fun and fifties inspired inspiration for you to enjoy. Visit Red Fox Literary for more of Dan’s work.

Dan Krall
Dan Krall

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  1. Juliana Gaspari

    Hi Lindsey! How are you?
    I’m Juliana Gaspari, the Project Manager at Curiosity Ink Media.

    I’m reaching out because Russell Hicks recommended you and because your style has really stood out and totally impressed all of us, to say the least. We’d love to have a chat to hear about your availability and interest to be a part of one of our projects

    As to who Curiosity Ink Media is, we are a world-class media group building powerful Kids & Family entertainment franchises: Original Content + Revitalization of (pre) existing! With the creation, launch and oversight of countless successful franchises, the team has come together with sights set on developing tremendous IP portfolio value. Our DNA is formidable, beginning with the recent former President of Nickelodeon Animation Studios, the team has been a part of the creation, launch, and oversight of countless successful franchises at most/if not all the major film studios over the course of their careers.

    That’s all just a fancy way of saying we’re creating original animated feature films, and animated TV series with a consumer products-focused strategy.

    There’s a lot more to the story, so please let me know if you’d like to hear more (:

    Thank you,

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