1. Wilfredo Torres


    I am slightly ashamed to say I have only recently discovered the talents of Wilfredo Torres. Worse still I only stumbled upon him though his Instagram, and not by picking up an issue of his current run on The Shadow: Year One. A mistake I will be rectifying this weekend. Mr. Torres has been working in comics since 2008, his previous titles including Salem: Queen of Thorns, Creepy, and Lobster Johnson.

    What first drew me to his work is his very skillful inking. I almost feel “skillful” is putting it lightly, it’s close to magic. In a single frame Mr. Torres can make sure all the surfaces are clearly identifiable, no matter how subtle their differences. His lines are always crisp and defined, no matter how intricate an image. Also, a personal joy to look out for is the amount of ways he can render beards. To count the beard variations for yourself, hope over to his blog, The Mainstage.