1. Stéphane Fert


    Stéphane Fert French illustrator and comic artist. He recently released his first solo album, Morgane. It was published in April, this year, by Delcourt Editions, and was written by Stéphane Fert and Simon Kansara, and illustrated by Fert. The book is a unique take on the well-known Arthurian tales. Flipping perspective and following the enchantress Morgan le Fay as she battle against her brother, King Arthur.

    The most notable element of Fert’s work is his strict use of limited colour palettes. Often staying within a warm, cool, or earthy tones. When he break this limitation, by adding patches of pink among a sea of blue, it captures the viewer’s attention instantly. Interesting too is his use of repetition and geometric shapes, which can turn a castle or a field of flowers into a decorative pattern.

    Fert’s draws influences from a range of sources. Among them, he has named contemporary illustrators Mary Blair, Mike Mignola, Cyril Pedrosa, Frederik Peeters, and Taiyô Matsumoto. He has also included fine artist Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne and Henri Matisse, as well as film directors Fritz Lang, Federico Fellini, Stanley Kubrick, Park Chan Wook and Lars Von Trier.

    You can find more of Stéphane Fert’s work on Tumblr and Facebook.