1. Mathieu Reynès


    Mathieu Reynès is a French comic book writer and artist. Since 2002, he has worked with many of Europes’ top comic publishers including Ankama, Dupuis, Paquet and Spirou. He illustrated the successful Alter ego series, wrote Water Memory, and is currently writing and drawing the supernatural Harmony.

    Born in 1977 in the western suburbs of Paris, France, Reynès spent much of his childhood near the Basque coast. Initially studying science in Bordeaux, he decided to change course and pursue cartoons and 3D animation at the CNBDI in Angoulême. He released his first album, Banana Fight in 2002, in collaboration with writer Frédéric Brrémaud. The duo went on to create two volumes of Sexy Gun and three volumes of Lola Bogota.

    Reynès worked predominately in the field of humour, until 2011, where he embarked on the conspiracy series Alter Ego. Reynès used a more realistic style to tell the complex intertwined story. Written by Denis Lapière and Pierre-Paul Renders, the series spread across 11 albums. This series won the 2011 Saint Michael Award for Best Story.

    In 2012, Reynès wrote the two-part story La mémoire de l’eau (Water Memory), which was undoubtedly inspired by his childhood memories of the Basque coast. Beautifully drawn by Valérie Vernay the story balances reality and mystery and is just as good for a pre-teen as for an adult.

    Harmony is a project which Reynès has been exploring since 2006. Inspired by Stephen King and Katsuhiro Otomo, he wrote several different plotlines around themes of adolescence, identity and genetic experiments before finally merging into one story. Volume 1, Memento was published by Dupuis in January 2016, with the second volume, Indigo, released in September 2016. Reynès is working on the third instalment; you can keep updated on its process on the official Harmony Facebook page.

    You can find more of Mathieu Reynès’ work on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can check out his older work on Blogger. You can also find some of his work in Comix Buro’s Sketchbook Reynès.