1. Jordi Lafebre


    Comic book artist and freelance illustrator Jordi Lafebre works for both Spanish and Franco-Belgian comics audiences.  His comics deal with a spectrum of issues and his detailed environments provide a vivid stage to play out the emotions of the characters.

    Lafebre  was born in 1979 in Barcelona, Spain.  He studied comic art at the Joso School of Barcelona and the fine arts at the University of Barcelona. Freelancing since 1998, he made the transition into comics in 2001. Drawing for several Spanish magazines, including erotic magazine Penthouse Comix and Wet Comix, before publishing the series El Mundo de Judy (Judy’s World), scripted by Toni Font.

    After contributing to  Spirou magazine, Lafebre meet Zidrou, the writer of L’Élève Ducobu. After completing a couple short stories, the two began work on their first album, Lydia. Co-written by Lafebre, Lydia was published in French by Dargaud in 2010.

    Riding the momentum of Lydia’s success, Lafebre and Zidrou released two volumes of La Mondaine in 2014 and 2015, two volumes of Les Beaux étés (Fine summers) in 2015 and 2016. Unfortunately, Lafebre’s albums are only available in French and Spanish, with no signs of English edition. Fortunately, Lafebre’s illustrations are so expressive, his albums are easy to follow without words.

    “The emotion is the most important thing, characters are the second thing in the list. The characters are just ‘there’, my job is to catch them.”
    Jordi Lafebre

    You can catch more of  Jordi Lafebre’s work on his website, blog, Facebook and Twitter.