1. James Harren


    James Harren is an American comic artist, based in Brooklyn, New York. A creative storyteller and highly sought after cover artist, he has worked on titles for Marvel, Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image, and IDW. He is currently working on his first creator-owned series, Rumble. Which is written by his longtime collaborator, John Arcudi.

    In 2010, Harren was working at Marvel on Heralds and various X-Men titles. He was approached by Arcudi to illustrate a two-part Abe Sapien story. Released in 2011, The Devil Does Not Jest marked Harren’s first foray into the Hellboy Universe. Shortly after, Harren and Arcudi worked together on B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth.

    After three years of Hellboy titles the duo had developed a productive working relationship. And felt like it was a natural time to work on something of their own. Over lunch, Arcudi pitched Harren an idea for Rumble. The premise played to the duo’s strength and Harren was sold.

    Harren and Arcudi partnered with Harvey Award winner letterer Chris Eliopoulos, and Eisner Award winner colourist Dave Stewart. Rumble #1 was released by Image Comics in December 2014. To date, ten issues have been released, with #11 and #12 planned for June and July respectively. All ten issues have been collected in two trade volumes, Volume 1: What Color of Darkness? and Vol. 2: A Woe That Is Madness.

    You can find more of James Harren’s work on DeviantArt and Twitter. You can find some of his older illustrations on THE BOG. A joint blog with artists Ryan Ottley, where they “explore the dank murky limits of their minds” and show off their process along the way.