1. J. Scott Campbell


    Jeffrey Scott Campbell is a comic book artist and one third of Cliffhanger founders. He got his first big break at Image Comics, working under the WildStorm imprint with creators Jim Lee and Brandon Choi on Gen13. Mr. Campbell remained at WildStorm developing series such as Dv8 and much later a Thundercats mini series, as well as the short-lived series, Wildsiderz.

    Above all of these great titles, I think Mr. Campbell really sealed his place in the comic industry history books when he released the Cliffhanger series, Danger Girl. It was an indulgent spy thriller packed with action, humour, sexy women and Sean-Connery-type men. Basically the series played to all his strength’s and it was a huge hit.

    More recently, Mr. Campbell seems to focus on cover artwork, including a popular run on The Amazing Spider-Man, and pin-ups. A Spider-Man series with writer Jeph Loeb was on the cards, but as yet nothing has surfaced. It definitely would be nice to see him working on a series again. Check out more of his recent work on his deviantArt page.