1. INJ Culbard


    INJ Culbard is an award-winning comic artist and author. He has adapted several literary classics into comics. And worked with top comic publishers Vertigo, Dark Horse, 2000 AD, BOOM! Studios and SelfMadeHero.

    Ian Culbard was born in Greenwich, London. As a boy Culbard read Hergé’s Titin, Morris’s Lucky Luke and works by Jean-Claude Mézières. He discovered H. P. Lovecraft around 10 years old, after buying a roleplaying game called “The Call of Cthulhu.” The game led him to his local library where he picked up all the Lovecraft titles that he could. Birthing a life-long love of the author’s work. Culbard developed a love of Sherlock Holmes author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, after reading A Study in Red for the first time. He was blown away by Doyle’s persuasive storytelling.

    Culbard studied at an Art College in Middlesbrough, where he learnt classical drawing techniques including oil paint and charcoal. However, nowadays he primarily uses a graphics tablet.

    Amidst a career as a director and animator, Culbard entered the Dark Horse Comics’ New Recruits anthology competition. Two of his stories (Wild Talents: The God Machine and The Way of All Flesh) were selected from thousands of entries. He made the transition into comics in 2006, now signing his work under the pseudonym “INJ Culbard.”

    Writer Ian Edginton contacted Culbard to illustrate a series of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adaptations. Published SelfMadeHero, the first book in the series was The Hound of the Baskervilles released in 2009. Four books followed; A Study in Scarlet (2009), The Sign of the Four (2010), A Study in Scarlet (2009) and The Valley of Fear (2011).

    Further adaptations include five H. P. Lovecraft stories; At the Mountains of Madness (2010), The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (2012), The Shadow Out of Time (2013), The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (2015) and The Shadow over Innsmouth (2016). All published by SelfMadeHero. In 2011, he received the British Fantasy Award for Best comics or graphic novel adaptation form At the Mountains of Madness.

    Culbard has frequently collaborated with writer Dan Abnett. To date the duo have worked on eight-issues Vertigo mini series, The New Deadwardians (2012), four issues of Dark Horse’s Dark Ages, and two volumes of Wild’s End. In 2014, SelfMadeHero released Culbard’s first original graphic novel, Celeste.

    You can follow INJ Culbard on Twitter, and find some of his older work on Blogger.