1. Dylan Meconis


    Dylan Meconis is a comics artist, writer, and illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. She studied history and literature at Wesleyan University. Her love of history is the cornerstone of a lot of her personal work.

    Her career as a professional comics artist began in 2000, while still in high school, with the online publication of her first comic, Bite Me!. Utilizing her free periods in her senior year, Meconis began posting Bite Me! online at a weekly rate. It took inspiration from A Tale of Two Cities and Interview With the Vampire, and has become “the foremost vampire French Revolution graphic novel farce.” Dylan completed the story in 2004, and has since published a paperback edition of the comic.

    After concluding the sprawling vampire saga, she decided to create on a few shorter comics. She contributed a story to the very first Flight Anthology, “All Time Low,” illustrated by Bill Mudron. In 2012, her short comic Outfoxed was nominated for an Eisner Award in the category of Best Digital Comic.

    Nowadays, Meconis is a full-time freelancer with her own imprint, Elea Press. Which is part of Scott Kurtz’s self-publishing company Toonhound Studios. As well as a publishing partnership, she also co-writes the long-running webcomic PvP with Kurtz.

    Meconis is currently writing and drawing the graphic novel Family Man. Set in the 18th Century, she began to serialize Family Man online in 2006 and is now well into its fourth chapter. In 2014 Family Man was nominated for a Reuben Award in the category of Best Digital Comic – Longform. The prologue and first two chapters have been collected into glossy 176-paged printed publication.

    You can find out more about Dylan Meconis on her website, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and support her on Patreon.