1. Cyril Bonin


    Cyril Bonin is a French comic book writer and artist. Born in Montceau-les-Mines, France, Bonin studied Fine Arts in Mâcon, then Decorative Arts in Strasbourg before completing DESS (masters degree) in Computer Graphics, where he focused on Image Synthesis.

    After graduating, Bonin began working as a graphic designer for a small video production company. He stayed there for almost two years while illustrating on the side. In 1996, writer Roger Seiter approached him to illustrate a new series called Fog. Set in 19th Century London the story follows the crimes of Jack the Ripper. The series went to eight volumes, published by Casterman between 1999 to 2004.

    After completing Fog, Bonin worked on the one-shot Quand souffle le Vent (Dargaud, 2009) with writer Laurent Galandon. Bonin eventually had the chance to illustrate his own story. A two-volume mystery, Chambre Obscure, was published by Dargaud in 2010. It was quickly followed up by La Belle Image (Futuropolis, 2011) and L’Homme qui n’existait pas (Futuropolis, 2012). Both of which Bonin wrote and produced all the artwork.

    Tenaciously continuing his solo creative path, in 2013, Bonin began the romance-comedy series, Amorostasia. Published by Futuropolis, the second volume was released at the beginning of 2015, with the third volume teased at the end of last year.

    His most recent work, The Time Before (Bamboo, 2016), tells the story of a 1950s photographer, Walter Benedict, who is given a talisman after helping an old man. Benedict now has the ability create a perfect life for himself by going back in time and correct his past wrongs. The Time before addresses all the moral and psychological dilemmas that such power brings.

    To see more of Cyril Bonin’s work, check out his website, blog and YouTube channel.