1. Amy Reeder


    Amy Reeder is a comic artist and writer, probably best known for her creator-owned series, Rocket Girl. She actually earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Science Teaching before being discovered by Tokyopop. After entering Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition, Reeder was selected to write and illustrate Fool’s Gold. She has since illustrated for Vertigo, and DC Comics on Madame Xanadu, and Batwoman.

    In 2012 Amy Reeder, and writer Brandon Montclare, turned to Kickstarter to fund their 40-page one-shot comic, Halloween Eve. Following the campaign’s success, the duo were back on Kickstarter the following year. This time, with ambitions to bring to life an ongoing series called Rocket Girl. The series focuses on protagonist, DaYoung Johansson, a teenage cop from the future who is sent back in time to 1986 New York City. Through a string of discoveries she realises the high-tech future she is from is actually an alternate reality version of 2013. The Rocket Girl series, published by Image Comics, is currently on issue #6, with #7 set for release this December 2nd.

    Reeder and Montclare have a podcast called, Podcorn, where they discuss their projects, process and comic news. Not only does Reeder share her comic knowledge through the podcast, she is very verbose on her Tumblr too, regularly posting art advice and storytelling tips. If you want to watch the magic happen, Reeder also has a YouTube channel with a few short, but inspiring process videos.

    The duo, Reeder and Montclare, have most recently collaborated on Marvel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. They are writing the series, with interior artwork by Natacha Bustos, and Reeder also supplying cover artwork. The first issue was released today.