1. Cory Godbey


    Cory Godbey is an American illustrator based in South Carolina. He has worked on David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, the award-winning documentary film The Last Flight of Petr Ginz, contributed to the award-winning Flight anthologies and is a member of fantasy art collective Muddy Colors.

    Like many children, Godbey just loved to draw. When he was a little older, he majored in art in college but did not go to an art school. Self-motivated and largely self-taught, he would learn from his friends, Maurice Sendak, Peter de Sève, Carter Goodrich, and Golden Age Illustrators.

    In 2005, Godbey met Kazu Kibuishi at BookExpo in New York. Kibuishi liked Godbey’s work and told him to keep in touch. Three years later, once Godbey had completed his personal project, Ticket, he reached out to Kibuishi. The two met again at the 2008 San Diego Comic-Con. Kibuishi introduced Godbey to the Flight staff and invited him to contribute to the sixth volume. Flight was Godbey’s first venture into comic since grade school.

    Godbey has since gone on to work on picture books, covers, comics, editorial, advertising, animated shorts and films. Some of his clients include HarperCollins, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Disney Publishing, The Jim Henson Company, Archaia, and Penguin. His worked has been featured in annuals and publications including Exposé, Imagine FX, The Society of Illustrators, and Spectrum.

    If you read our post on Justin Gerard, you will already know that Godbey is one of the three founders of the online educational platform, The Lamp Post Guild. His course, The Art of Personal Work, is teaches the habit of creating a strategic body of personal work. He also has an hour-long in-depth painting demo available through gumroad.

    You can find more of Cory Godbey’s work on his website, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.