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Corey Wolfe

Corey Wolfe

We are proud to say Corey Wolfe contacted us recently, as he’s a true pro that has been producing incredible illustrations and paintings since 1979. Of course we had to feature his work, as fans more than anything else.

Corey is self taught and uses various techniques to create his illustrations, from oils and acrylics to Photoshop and Illustrator digitally. His client list includes Disney, Hasbro, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Apple and Warner Brothers.

Corey Wolfe
Corey Wolfe

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  1. Christopher Hubert

    Hi Corey,

    I’m the Senior AD for an Ad agency based in Dubai. We are looking for an illustrator that has experience in Disney/Pixar style illustrations. I came across your image for Pinocchio and this is exactly the style we are looking for. Would you be interested in contacting me and I can explain in more detail the scope of work we are looking to commission? Perhaps you can pass me your contact number and we can have a chat on the phone.

    Best Regards,

    Christopher Hubert.

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