1. Céline Deregnaucourt


    Céline Deregnaucourt is a French children’s book illustrator. She has illustrated storybooks and school books, enriching the pages with wide-eyed characters and colourful geometric worlds for them to explore.

    Deregnaucourt grew up in Lille, a small town in the north of France. As a child, she would draw all of time and dream of becoming a heroine or a detective. As a teenager, she reconsidered her career goals and settled on becoming an artist.

    She studied illustration at the Belgium art school Institut Supérieur d’Architecture Saint-Luc de Wallonie. Deregnaucourt graduated in 2008, and in 2010 became a freelance illustrator. Some of her children’s book work includes Anthonin (2012), written by Christine Vélia and Contes extraordinaires de Noël (2015), written by Elisabeth de Lambilly.

    Deregnaucourt’s work is jovial, full of good humour. As a result, even her frowning characters can’t mope for too long, sat in saturated surroundings. Much of the characters’ personality is conveyed in the clothes she dresses them in. Layers of perfectly cut fabric that have just enough considered details to make them unique and interesting.

    You can see more of Céline Deregnaucourt’s work in her portfolio, on Tumblr and on Facebook.