Vector Art

  1. Pale Horse

    Behold, a Pale Horse in Florida. Pale Horse is a design studio located in Downtown St. Petersburg run by illustrator and graphic artist, Chris Parks. Pale Horse has worked with companies including Nike, WWE, Hasbro, Harley Davidson, Red Bull, World of Warcraft, Penguin Books, Wired Magazine and DC Comics.

  2. Scott Martin

    Scott Martin is a Canadian artist and designer better known as Burnt Toast Creative. Some of his clients include Fast Company, Red Bull and Dropbox.

  3. Vicki Turner

    Vicki Turner is a British designer and illustrator based in Devon. Working in branding, product design, and illustration for clients including The Times, Disney/Pixar, Cartoon Network, Baku Magazine, Eighty Eight Journal and Shop Magazine.

  4. Javier Garcia

    Javier Garcia is a graphic designer and illustrator based in San Francisco, California. Applying his playful sensibilities to a variety of professional identity, print, and web design projects for about a decade. Some of his clients include Coca-Cola, Corona, Target, North Face, Facebook and Google.

  5. Aad Goudappel

    Aad Goudappel is a freelance illustrator living and working from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Working from his home studio, Goudappel’s pithy and powerful work has been honoured with numerous awards from Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and 3 X 3, amongst others.

  6. Tim Boelaars

    Tim Boelaars is a designer and illustrator who lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He specialises in iconography and has created icons, logos, and graphic illustrations for a plethora of big brands and magazines.