1. Jon Foster

    Jon Foster is an American freelance illustrator and sculptor based in Rhode Island, New England. He is best known for his lavish oil painted comic book covers for DC and Dark Horse Comics. Jon’s work has received recognition and awards from the Society of Illustrators, Dark Scribe Magazine, and the sci-fi and fantasy art publication, Spectrum.

  2. Fashion Fridays ~ Gary Card

    Gary Card is a set designer and illustrator who lives and works in East London. Best Known for his playful fashion work. His intuitive sensibilities, creative vision, eye for colour and yearning to explore has made him one London’s most sought after talents.

  3. PADRE

    PADRE is a short stop-motion film directed by Santiago Bou Grasso. It is the winner of 90 international awards and was selected in 265 international film festivals.

  4. Between Times

    Between Times is an award-winning fairy tale short directed by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter. It is a blend of traditional stop-motion techniques with innovative digital animation techniques. It has been screened at more than 80 film festivals and has won 10 awards.

  5. Beth Cavener

    Beth Cavener is an American artist who creates dramatic animal sculptures that delve into the human psychology. Her work manipulatively applies human behaviours and features onto animal bodies. Her sculptures are often posed in positions of discomfort. Their struggle and subtle familiarities create an instant connection with the viewer. Be it one of sympathy, or more introspective than that, you are arrested with emotion looking at them. Cavener has said this of her work,

  6. Rowland Emett (1906 – 1990)

    Frederick Rowland Emett was a British draughtsman, inventor, artist, cartoonist, and builder of whimsical mechanical moving sculpture. He established himself as a cartoonist working for Punch magazine during the late 1930s. Emett’s comical and complex illustrations of machines were very popular. He soon began turning his drawings into large three-dimensional machines. He designed a rocket for Shell Oil, the “Forget-Me-Not” computer for Honeywell Computers and the car and inventions that appeared in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). It has been said, that their joyful nature helped cheer up the nation.

  7. Sam Pierpoint

    Sam Pierpoint is a Bristol-based illustrator, designer and installation artist. She handcrafts intricate and charming 3D paper sculptures that can be seen in advertising campaigns, magazines, packaging and window displays.