1. Zac Gorman


    Zac Gorman has worked across the fields of print, illustration, design, motion, web, and UI. Clearly as adaptable as he is talented, he often varies his style for the project in hand. Mr. Gorman is an avid blogger and regularly updates his Magical Game Time website. It houses all of his video game inspired illustrations, and is now brimming with humorous and introspective pieces.

    “Quit your day job and do what makes you happy”

    Zac Gorman’s quote from his very famous illustration encapsulating the true moral of Super Mario Bros. Interestingly he recently wrote a further thought-provoking article titled, Do What You Can & Be Happy Regardless. In which Mr. Gorman speaks about the stigma attached to working, and how a simple realisation lead him to be happier in his day job.

    You can find more of Zac Gorman’s work on his website.