Typha is a short French animation created by Yoann OignetThomas Landrein, Jonas Genevaz, Aurélie Gomez and Raphael Ethievant. The story follows Cattail, a young girl living in a miniature village. Cattail, chosen by the village elders, must bring the egg of life to the spirit of the forest before it is too late.

Typha quickly throws you into a fantastical world, filled with wonders and dangers. It is the first film to be produced at the Monkey Factory.  Guided by MonkeyEggs, Monkey Factory is a platform for young graduates wishing to make a short film.

The MonkeyEggs Animation Studio was founded in 2012 by Tristan Brard (Artistic Director), Damien Dipita Kuoh (Director), Nicolas Monteiro (President), Neil Ruffier (Director) and Basil Zumer (Lead Animator). It is a production company specialising in the design and production of animation for television. You can watch their showreel here.


Directed: Yoann Oignet, Thomas Landrein, Aurélie Gomez, Jonas Genevaz
Music: Benjamin Gex-Fabry

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