1. Tim Probert


    Tim Probert is an Illustrator and Director. He has worked on a great breadth of projects. Illustrating for children’s books, magazines and advertising, as well as designing characters, storyboarding and painting backgrounds for animation.

    Probert earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting at the Boston University, graduating in 2005. He also took a year to study Storyboarding and Animatics at the School of Visual Arts. After which he found work in animation. Starting from the ground up, cleaning up lines and scanning drawings, in no time at all Probert was animating the opening sequence for the Providence French Film Festival, and later working as a Visual Development Artist at Nickelodeon.

    In 2012, he worked on two children’s books. The sensational scratch and sniff New York, Phew York, written by Amber C. Jones and the concisely titled, Pickle: The (Formerly) Anonymous Prank Club of Fountain Point Middle School, written by Kim Baker. Probert was also the colourist on volume 6 of the Amulet graphic novel series, Amulet: Escape From Lucien.

    Last year, Farrar, Straus and Giroux published A Whole New Ballgame. Illustrated by Probert and written by the zealous Phil Bildner. The story follows two best friends being pushed outside of their comfort zones as they start fifth-grade and it is nothing like what they expected. The book has earned many positive reviews.

    In 2014, Probert worked as a freelance animator at the New York animation studio Nathan Love. Only to later join the team in a more formal capacity, as a Director and Illustrator, in 2015. The very same year, the British animation studio Aardman Animations announced their merger with Nathan Love, forming Aardman Nathan Love.

    You can find Tim Probert’s illustrations on his website and Tumblr, and see more of his sketches and storyboards on Flickr.