1. The Reward – Tales of Alethrion


    The Reward is humorous nine-minute animated adventure bromance directed by Mikkel Mainz Elkjær and Kenneth Ladekjær. It was created whilst they were studying at The Animation Workshop as their graduation film.

    “An epic journey beautifully compressed in a short! While being wacky and fun, the film managed to address a more philosophical perspective toward what is truly most meaningful- the reward of achieving a goal or the experience of the journey.” – Mike Nguyen

    Alongside Bo Juhl, the duo started a Kickstarter campaign back in March in order to get enough funds to produce another short animation which will hopefully begin a series, titled “Tales of Alethrion”. There is not much time left on their campaign, and it has not even reached half of the funds needed. It would be such a shame not to see this project come into fruition. So please pop over to Kickstarter and help, ideally by funding the project or even by spreading the word.