Sylvain Ollier

Sylvain Ollier

Illustrator / graphic designer Sylvain Ollier’s minimalist style is often filled with little monster characters, who sometimes escape into the ‘real world’! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Graphic design is a major weapon in the arsenal for an illustrator, and vice versa.

Sylvain Ollier
Sylvain Ollier

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  1. Mark Armstrong

    Simple and beautiful– and not as easy as they look, I’m sure! Thanks.

  2. That’s the thing with simple characters, you have to be sure that the shapes are perfect, or true to the chosen style. But in doing this, they shouldn’t appear robotic. They must still have within them some humanity for us to warm to them (I find a simple thing like making the facial features asymmetrical usually works). The third image in the gallery is a good example of this ‘roboticness’. But as it is a pattern/wallpaper style of image, this works well for the purpose I think.

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