Sweet Winter

Sweet Winter is a short animation by Marie Vieillevie, also known as Mary Oldlife, and Hugo Bravo. The film was created for a competition launched by Yoplait, in which it was a finalist. It combines euphonious sound effects, a modest melody and fluid animation which melts from one scene into another. It is a visual slice of daily life that feels like you are watching a poem unfold.

Mary Oldlife graduated from ESAG Penninghen, in Paris, with her short film Welcome to White Chapel District (2006). This final graduation piece won her two accolades – the Jury Junior Award at the Festival International d’Animation d’Annecy 2007 and the Canon International Award at IMAGO Festival, Portugal 2008.

After graduating, Oldlife worked in several studios and advertising agencies as a Graphic Designer and Art Director, before deciding to return to her studies. She completed two years at the film school La Poudrière. Whilst there, she animated Eau Vive and Soeur et frère, which both share a similar aesthetic to Sweet Winter. Oldlife also animated La cour des Grands, Commissioned by Canal J, for the 2012 animation fesival Les Espoirs de l’Animation.

Since graduating for a second time, Oldlife has worked as an animator on various projects. Including LEFTOVER, an earlier collaboration with Hugo Bravo. The film, written and directed by Tibor Banoczki and Sarolta Szabo, tells the story of multiple characters and their relationship with food. The short film has garnered several award and honours.

Recently, Mary Oldlife was the First Assistant Director on the feature animation Tout en haut du monde / Long Way North. And she is currently working on writing a personal short film.


Directed and Animated:  Marie Vieillevie, Hugo Bravo
Music: Yan Volsy

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