First Family

In a series of vignettes, First Family, captures early parenthood through the lens of a prehistoric family.

Directed by Manddy Wyckens and Marc Craste for Studio AKA, the 60-second commercial was commissioned by BBH For Nestlé’s natural baby food brand, NaturNes.

Set to an upbeat soul beat, we follow the new parents as they experience their baby’s first night’s sleep, their first burping attempt, their first tooth. These cherished moments are shown in a heartwarming and humorous light.

The traditional handcrafted 2D short uses pared-back environments to keep the focus on the family. This allows the audience to instantly connect with the parents as they grow in confidence.

Co-director and designer Manddy Wyckens exaggerates the shapes and proportions of her characters yet they imbue such elegance. They seem to float off the page. And with minimal lines, express so much.

Co-director Marc Craste has directed a variety of animations, many award-winning commercials as well as the BAFTA-winning Jo Jo in the Stars.

You can find more wonderful work from Studio AKA on their website.

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