70s Venice Beach

70s Venice Beach, is a poetic graduation animated short directed by Damien Deschamps, Vincent Gallut and Lucie Prigent while at Ecole Georges Meliès.

Set in an idealistic 70s summer to a chillwave soundtrack, this 2015 film follows two young skaters. In a series of vignettes, the pair glide through sun-drenched Californian streets before sinking into the vast blue of a drained swimming pool. Once the sun sets and darkness covers them, the animation takes a metaphorical turn.

The film’s striking stripped back visuals, lush colours, slow pacing and music perfectly create a hypnotic viewing experience.

During production, the French creative team – Damien Deschamps, Vincent Gallut and Lucie Prigent – set up a Venice Beach Project Facebook page. There you can find some of their visual inspiration and process work.

After graduating from Ecole Georges Meliès, all three went on to work in animation studios; Prigent and Deschamps at Illumination Mac Guff and Gallut at Headless Productions, before joining ToonBox Entertainment.

For those interested, the 70s Venice Beach song by Puchmino can be found on SoundCloud.

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