1. Rémi Bastie


    Very recently we featured animator, Paul Lacolley. Today we turn our attention to his fellow CRCR collective member. Rémi Bastie is a French animator and Gobelins graduate. Whilst at Gobelins, and the years following it, Bastie has work on some wonder animations. Some have already been mentioned in our Lacolley feature, but other great ones include CRCR’s first short movie Jesus 2000, which was made during an internship at WIZZ Design, the psychedelic advert for LOWDI, and the poignant short New Sensation. WIZZ now represents the group of directors, enabling them to continue collaborating together.

    Bastie’s own work exhibits a lot of traditional ink work. Using the computer to add colours and the occasional texture. His style ranges up from simplified and limited lines to looking as if it was drawn from a photo. Predominately though, he enjoys squashing his characters faces and protruding their chins. Making for a more comical appearance. Yet, coupled with more adult themes, and his stark use of blacks, Bastie’s illustrations tend to have an element of discomfort more than humour.

    You can find more of Rémi Bastie’s illustrations on Tumblr and flick through his older work on Blogger.