Privisa is an animated family feature currently in production. The trailer is a gorgeous mix of vivid colours, celestial lighting, slow tracking shots and floating particles. Even though it is just 40 seconds, their exaggerated facial features, expressions and movements convey the character’s personalities instantly.

It will be directed by Polish illustrator and concept artist, Marcin Karolewski, who previously created concept art for the video game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and directed the Oszibarack`s Liquid Song music video.

At its core Privisa is about growing up, saying goodbye and making life choices. The movie is set during early medieval Europe and follows a young long-haired, freckled Slavic boy called Wilkan. He learns that his beloved grandfather must leave the tribe in order to await his death in solitude. When Wilkan tries to stop the ceremony, his actions put the entire village in trouble.

Privisa was pitched at last month’s Cartoon Movie in Lyon. The feature has now moved into development. Production will be handled by Platige Films, and co-production by Juice and Flat Foot Films. Privisa will also be co-funded by the Polish Film Institute.


Producer: Magdalena Bargieł
Executive Producer: Katarzyna Fukacz, Jarosław Sawko

Directing, Concept, Art Work: Marcin Karolewski
Script concept: Julita Olszewska
Concept Art: Mathias Zamęcki, Hanna Czyżewska,
3D Artist: Tomasz Dyrduła, Jarosław Handrysik
Producer: Natalia Lasota

Head of Animation: Leszek Nowicki
Animation: Maciej Krowiński, Piotr Sitek, Krzysztof Świderski, Małgorzata Mianowska

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