1. Pernille Ørum


    Pernille Ørum is a visual development artist and illustrator based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She earned a bachelor degree in Character Animation from The Animation Workshop. Freelancing since 2014, some of Ørum’s clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Mattel, and Nickelodeon.

    Earlier this year Ørum launched a Kickstarter, BLUSH: The Art of Pernille Ørum. A beautifully crafted book that collected her “off-the-clock” illustrations. The campaign was fully funded in just 90 minutes, and over 1,000 backers pledged nearly £22,000. Which was a considerable amount more than her £1,500 goal. If you missed the Kickstarter, fear not, you can grab a copy of BLUSH from Ørum’s shop.

    Currently, Ørum is the Head Character Designer on Warner Brothers’ newest Web series, DC Superhero Girls. The first episode premiered in October 2015. The series follows DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and others through the challenges of growing up and attending Super Hero High. The series will work in tandem with a line of action dolls, figures and accessories to be released in 2016. The dolls will be produced by Mattel, who have conscientiously made them less pretty and more heroic-looking. This follows Mattel’s/DC’s previously unsuccessful line of child-focused female figures, which prompted complaints such as the figures looked “more pretty than superhero,” and “Poison Ivy’s scarf would only get in the way during a fight.” The new line which enlisted the help of “feminists, bloggers, and academics” has Ørum’s thumbprint all over it.

    To see more of Pernille Ørum’s artwork, make sure you check out her website, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.