1. Maxime Dupuy


    Maxime Dupuy is a freelance artist based in Paris, France.  Working primarily in animation as a background, color, and concept artist.

    Born in  Apt, France, Dupuy was drawing from young but only decided to take it seriously after high-school. He entered École Georges Méliès to study animation. During his studies, he completed a 2 months internship at Sun Creature Studio. There he painted backgrounds for brilliant Tales of Alethrion: The First Hero.

    Graduating in 2015, Dupuy has since worked with animation studios Yacks, Birdbox Studio, and visual effects studio Electric Theatre Collective.

    His artwork derives inspiration from fine art, graphic design, typography and video games. He most admires those that communicate narrative succinctly.  His priority is to convey feelings and emotions. Working digitally, he mixes techniques and styles to create interesting contrasts. Dupuy also derives contrast by coupling unnatural angular shapes with harmonious colours. That balance between the hard and soft generates great drama that clutches your attention and doesn’t let go.

    To see more of Maxime Dupuy’ work, check out his portfolio, Tumblr, Behance, and Instagram.