1. Maïlis Colombié


    Maïlis Colombié is an animation student from Paris, France. She is currently studying a Master’s degree in character animation and animated filmmaking at the world famous Gobelins. As she approaches graduation this year, her confident work already shows strong personality and discipline.

    Gobelins has showcased three of Colombié’s shorts online: the two-minute Annecy opening La beauté est dans la rue; the special effects sequence, Hecate; and Sisters. A team of four directors worked on Sisters for five months as part of a CG exercise with the theme of “Love”.

    During her time at Gobelins, Colombié has completed internships at Oscar B in Lyon, France, as well as Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

    Alongside her studies and animation work, Colombié has also produced a 120-page comic, Molly-l’Iris, which invites readers to “follow the not-so-exciting adventures of a bunch of screw-up mages who run a spells shop as they try to make it in a big city!”

    Among the many reasons to admire and envy Colombié’s artwork, is how her linework maintains a sketchy energetic feeling while staying thin and clear. Characters emotions are powerfully conveyed by their natural poses. Personally, I love the expressive quality of her characters’ marquise-shaped eyes.

    You can find more of Maïlis Colombié’s work on Tumblr, pick up some of her badges and prints from her shop, and watch her showreel.