IMAGO is a 2005 short film by Cédric Babouche. It received ten awards, including two at the Cannes Film Festival, and was selected in more than 110 festivals around the world. It blends watercolour illustrations with 2D and 3D animation to tell a tale of the cycle of life.

The warm-toned animation follows a young boy as he adventures on cliffs and in forests. His imagination runs free turning his toy plane into the real thing, navigating the skies alongside his father. The short uses a poignant lateral tracking shot to show the boy grow up, marry and become a grandfather. He takes his grandchild to the same cliffs and with a simple lick of his fingertip, to test the wind direction, he sparks his grandchild’s imagination.

Cédric Babouche is an Olivier de Serres and Emile Cohl school graduate. IMAGO was his second short film and opened many doors. He described the experience a hard but very rewarding. He has gone on to work as an art director for feature films and television, including Little Houdini (2014), Ernest et Célestine (2012) and Moustique, cigale et cambriole (2016)


Director: Cédric Babouche
Writer: Cédric Babouche

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