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A short while ago I began discussing a period of internet history, The Web Animation Renaissance — wow, has it been two years already? Well, you probably do not remember that Ninjai was intended as the penultimate feature, with one more animator who I felt equally contributed to the movement.

Harry Partridge, a British independent animator who came to our attention with his satirical Saturday Morning Watchmen short. A child-friendly reimagining of the acclaimed comic, with some nods to the adult material of the original. The juxtaposition of the two worlds, funny in itself, becomes funnier when you stop to consider the true butt of a joke was the many children cartoons based on inappropriate content we were actually exposed to.

Partridge continued animating and voicing shorts, racking up the views and attention. His off the wall style also attracted the attention of the conformative BBC, who asked him to create a short for BBC Comedy, called Johnny Depp in Burtonland.

Partridge also shared his animation wisdom in a 12-part series on HuHa 2. Happy Harry’s HuHa 2 How-Tos! was both informative and had all the hallmark humour he has become known for.

Unlike some other independent animators, Partridge has continued to regularly make and release shorts. Pushing the bar on parody, vibrant characters, and bizarre plots. Be sure to show your support to all Harry Partridge’s hard work by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

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