1. Grace Liu


    Grace Liu, also known as Nargyle, is an American illustrator working for Marvel Animation. Her work feels incredibly visceral. Her character’s emotions and motions erupt on the page seemingly uncontrollably. Truly, they have a life of their own. Almost to a point that if you turn your head for just a second they will smack the back of it, go back to what they were doing, before you even have a chance to react.

    For a long while now, Liu has been consistently drawing and developing and idea called “Crazy Flush.” It is centered around two characters, Enna and Tate. When questioned about Crazy Flush, Liu explained her plans to make into a webcomic one day, but was purposely vague about the details. For now, at least, Enna’s and Tate’s stories only exist inside Liu’s head. However, with each new drawing the personalities of the characters burst through. So much so that over the years they have resonated with many and inspired countless fan art.

    You can find more of Grace Liu’s work on Tumblr, Instagram and follow her on Twitter.