Creosote tells the story of a stranded driver who crosses paths with a centaur with a drinking problem. The centaur offers his help in exchange for a favour.

The story, created by Chris Sickels, also known as Red Nose Studio, is told through the technique of stop motion animation, which captures minuscule movements frame by frame. It was released in February 2015 and was a labour of love. Purposely avoiding Kickstarter or other social media backing, Sickels put his own money and spare time into the project.

Creosote won a silver medal from The Society of Illustrators 58, and was screened at film festivals such as Future Film Festival, LIAF 2015: Late Night Bizarre, and GIRAF 2015 Indie Animation Mixtape Side B.

You can find more information about the short on the Red Nose Studio blog.


Builder & Animator: Chris Sickels (Red Nose Studio)
Music: Scott Martin (Hobbledeions)

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