Chronemics is a six-minute feature film was led by Animade’s creative director Ed Barrett, but included the entire team. Each animator was tasked with certain sections which were linked together to create one cohesive narrative and world. The mesmerizing series of animated clips consistently and cleverly challenges your expectations.

The animation was created using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to accompany Arte’s celebrated short film festival, The Shortest Day. It threaded together almost an entire day of film screenings across France and Germany.

Animade is an animation studio based in London co-founded by Tom Judd and James Chambers. The studio not only creates animations and games for large companies including IBM, Facebook and Google, it also makes products and services for creatives. FeedHop is a fast, no-nonsense, web-based newsreader. Their blog Hover States showcases the best in alternative digital design. Their latest project Boords, is a web-based tool for making storyboards easily and will launch in two days.


Animation: Animade
Sound design: Mutant Jukebox

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