1. Chloé Nicolay


    Chloé Nicolay is an Illustrator and Character Designer from Paris, France. She is a graduate from the famous Parisian school of the visual arts, Gobelins in 2013. After graduating, she landed a role as a Storyboarder and Character Designer at digital visual effects studio Mac Guff.

    If her work looks familiar it may be from the animated short, The Night We Were Kings. Nicolay worked on it with four fellow Gobelins students Anthony Lejeune, Gaspard Sumeire, Léa Justum, and previous Lounge feature, Manddy Wyckens. TNWWK went on to win the Lignes de Court short film competition and was broadcasted on France 3.

    In 2012, Nicolay worked with the incredible Studio Soi for two months. She was was a visual development artist and Co-director on a short animated film for the German children’s television series, Löwenzahn.

    Nicolay’s very varied characters oftentimes have squashed and stretched facial features sat atop elongated frames. Their eyes seem to stare into the distance for miles, in a genuine state of worry or wonder. She regularly just lays down some flat colours to capture a mood, but when she delves into tones and light sources, her characters really come alive.

    To see more of Chloé Nicolay’s work you can find her on Tumblr, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also flick through her 2013 portfolio here.