BEER by Charles Bukowski (Mature)

Stale cigarette butts, endless bottles of beer and the loneliness of waiting for people and situations that never arrive. When you’re a lost degenerate, alcohol is both curse and consolation the viewer is told in this alcohol-soaked interpretation of the Charles Bukowski poem, ‘BEER’.

Described by reporters as the ‘poet laureate of LA low life’ Bukowski offers an unflinching insight into the monotony of alcoholism. This poem is animated by NERDO, as a personal project, in evocative, stylised strokes of red, yellow, white and green on a black background. The drawling voice-over takes us on a drunken trip heavy with hedonism and regret.

NERDO is a creative studio based in Turin, Italy established in 2009, as the result of the close collaboration between three friends – Alessandro Durando, Lorenzo Levrero and Daniele Gavatorta, who joined the team in 2011. In just a few years they have collaborated with advertising and production studios worldwide including Fox, MTV, Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, Seat and Sky among others. You can find out more about ‘BEER’ on their website.


Directed: NERDO
Art Direction: Daniele Gavatorta
Coordination: Diego Pizziconi
Animation: Daniele Gavatorta, Simone Cirillo, Milena Tipaldo, Erik Righetti, Alessandro Durando
Original Music & Sound Design: Enrico Ascoli
Voice Over: David Wayne Callahan
Recording Engineer: Andrea Pestarino

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