1. Bastien Jalibert


    Bastien ‘Coolashu’ Jalibert is a character and background designer based in Paris. His stripped back work playfully utilises geometric shapes. With minimal lines he exaggerates characters’ features and creates abstract landscapes for them to inhabit. He employs light textures and harmonious saturated colours to bring a scene to life.

    Bastien graduated in graphic design and spent his first few years of professional experience working in web design, illustration, chart design and storyboarding. But he eventually found a home in animation, specialising as a colourist, background and characters designer. He has worked for Ubisoft, Gaumont Animation and Futurikon. From 2008-2009 he worked on the animated series for BBC The Pinky & Perky Show for the French studio Method Animation (now On Entertainment).

    Bastien says he is always searching for simple readable shapes. Working predominantly in Adobe Photoshop, he creates bouncy curves using the pen tool and fierce straight lines with the lasso tool. He adds colour and texture to his illustrations using a dual brush with noise and diffusion.

    You can find more of Bastien Jalibert’s work on Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram.