AMA is a serene and enchanting 2D animation. Set in the 1950s on the coast of Japan, an American woman is visiting a village with her military husband and a group of friends. Allured by the breathtaking landscape, she breaks away from the group and meets a young ama fisherwoman.

The short film was directed and animated by the six Gobelins students, Liang Huang, Mansoureh Kamari, Julie Robert, Juliette Peuportier and Tony Unser. It was screened as one of the openings at the Annecy Festival.

You can watch the Making of Ama here.


Directors: Liang Huang, Mansoureh Kamari, Julie Robert, Juliette Peuportier, Tony Unser
Sound Design: Vincent Hazard
Sound Effects: Daniel Gries
Music: Julien Giraudet
Mixing: Benjamin Alves
Flute: Arthur Ouvrard
Singer: Ellinoa

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