3D & CGI Rendering

History of 3d-Animation & CGI

History of 3d-Animation & CGI

In less than 40 years, CGI & 3D graphics have moved from a mere twinkle in the eye to become one of the most popular creative industries in the world. Each year we are seeing more and more 3D and Special effects enhanced movies appearing on our cinema screens. 3D generated illustration, movies and advertising has now become the dominant force in comparison to traditional art-working methods.

The history of CGI This is a great link to a page where you can watch clips of groundbreaking CGI movies such as Tron in chronological order. There is some handy info about the films as well.

A History of CGI in Movies Is another great source, written by Simon Vreeswijk. This page also includes some fantastic video clips and details.

In depth CGI timeline This is a fascinating page that looks at the evolution of CGI and details specific developments in technology that brought us to where we are today.

History of 3d-Animation & CGI
History of 3d-Animation & CGI

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  1. Nice information about 3d animation.

    1. Hi there Victor, Glad you appreciate. If you haven’t already seen this and are interested, there is a nice timeline of Pixar’s history that can be seen here.

  2. Now a days 3d animation is widely used all over the world and there are many companies offering 3d services as it is used in many fields.

  3. I am Happy with your work…

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