1. Daniel Swartz


    For those who love the retro, modern 50s style (and believe me, even if you are not a big fan), please visit Daniel Swartz’s website. It’s a great website, very fitting with his style. I also admire the boldness of his philosophy, which inspires confidence in his clients:

    “I have a simple philosophy when it comes to illustration:  Do something INCREDIBLE.

    There are only so many hours in the day, years in a life…why waste them on something I’m not proud of?  I want every piece I do to be something incredible in three ways: First that the piece would clearly stand out to the public as something different and something great; Second that the creative process between myself and the client would lead us to an awesome solution, to excel in the collaborative component of illustration; and Third that I could push myself conceptually and technically and won’t settle for trite solutions.”