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    Apr 2013

    Todd Harris

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    Todd Harris has created a lot of artwork for the gaming industry and is the talented illustrator behind the hilarious ‘Heroes Guide to…’ books. You have to admire his super-rich colours, fun-filled fantasy characters and his great compositions. His backgrounds are almost dream-like. Find more stuff of dreams on his blog.

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    Mar 2013

    Peter Oedekoven

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    Peter Oedekoven is from Germany, but he studied at the California Institute of the Arts where he earned his BFA in Film/Animation. For the past decade he has been working in both the film and game industries for companies such as Disney Feature Animation and Columbia Tri Star. His game backgrounds are wonderful, as are his concept art pieces.

    Visit Peter’s website for more, or alternatively his excellent blog.

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    Feb 2013

    Xavi Ramiro

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    Xavi is from Barcelona, Spain. He recently contacted The Lounge to tell us about his new works: a video game for children called ‘Monsters Band’ and a 3D illustrated book titles ‘Como dos Lunas Ilena’ (As Two Full Moons); doesn’t that sound fun? His vector graphics are well suited to children’s books, as well as editorial work. He is also an animator and creates artwork for games, multimedia and websites as well as advertising and merchandise. Visit his website for more.

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    Jan 2013

    Stuart Kim

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    Stuart’s portfolio includes a variety of concept art, illustrations, caricatures, fantasy art and sketches. His colours are jaw-dropping, and it’s great to see the detail in his sketches. He currently works in the video games industry, having worked previously in web design. I had a tough time picking a few illustrations to display here on The Lounge; see more on his excellent website. 

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    Nov 2012

    Mathieu Beaulieu

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    Mathieu’s work is full of zany characters, perfect line work and punchy colours. He studied animation at degree level, and then later worked in the video game industry, on animated series and advertising. Mathieu has also contributed to 100% Recycled Paper, an Illustrator’s Lounge initiative which is a collaboration of several artists (which we hope to launch as soon as finances allow).

    An all-round professional, he’s a pleasure to work with. He now works freelance, so if you’d like to commission him or see more of his work, visit his website.

    Clients include Coca-Cola, Game Works and Télé-Québec.

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