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    Mar 2014

    Sebastian Ramn

    sebastian-ramn-01 sebastian-ramn-02 sebastian-ramn-03 sebastian-ramn-04 sebastian-ramn-05

    Sebastian Ramn is a freelance Art Director and Illustrator, operating out of Stockholm. His work ranges from editorial illustration to TV Network identities, animated shorts and graphic novels.

    Mr. Ramn’s recently established a new website to plays host to much of his current work, but with the key aim of providing in-depth background on his process and reasoning. His finely written article are definitely worth a read, you can start with Omission in storytelling.

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    Nov 2013


    toerning-01 toerning-02 toerning-03 toerning-04 toerning-05

    I recently stumbled on the wonderful work of Toerning through one of her few, but very useful, tutorials. Her tutorials are filled with tips about lighting, perspective, composition and colour, and well worth a gander.

    Often working with traditional mediums such as ink, acrylics or gouache. Toerning’s knowledge of lighting and colour really stands out. And her marrying of both traditional and digital processes create some stunning results, as seen in her Selkie pieces.

    To see more of Toerning’s work, check out her DeviantArt and Tumblr.

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    Jun 2013

    Tony Cliff

    tony-cliff-04 tony-cliff-03 tony-cliff-05 tony-cliff-02 tony-cliff-01

    In the post today I received a copy of Delilah Dirk and the Seeds of Good Fortune by the very talented Tony Cliff. Delilah Dirk is the successful webcomic series, nominated for Shuster, Harvey and Eisner award. It has recently been picked up by publishers First Second whom will be releasing a paperback edition in August.

    Besides Delilah Dirk, Tony Cliff also contributed to the Flight anthology, and keeps a pretty tidy blog. Packed with latest news, sketches and his popular tutorials.

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    Feb 2013

    3DTotal Launches LayerPaint

    layerpaint-01 layerpaint-03 layerpaint-04 layerpaint-02

    Our friends at 3DTotal have just launched LayerPaint, a great new resource site dedicated to 2D digital painting. It is already filled with resources, tutorials, and inspiration galleries. here is what 3DTotal had to say about their latest venture,

    LayerPaint allows you to browse the gallery, interviews, news, tutorials and products all dedicated to 2D digital art. On top of that, we have included a free custom brushes library that is available to all our LayerPaint audience.

    We wish LayerPaint to be a definitive resource for digital painting, creating a friendly and educational environment that not only helps budding and experienced CG artists alike, but also showcases some of the best computer generated artwork in the world.

    You can also keep tabs on LayerPaint’s updates by following their Facebook and Twitter page.

    In other news

    We had a great response from January’s Giveaway, so a very big thank you to everyone who entered. We have announced the winner. We are now working on this months competition and will be posting it soon, so stay tuned!

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