1. Ignacio Fernandez Maroto

    Ignacio Fernandez Maroto, better known as Bambinomonkey, is a character designer and art director based in Madrid, Spain. He has worked on animation projects for Cartoon Network, Canal+, Best Buy and Kool Aid.

  2. Cory Godbey

    Cory Godbey is an American illustrator based in South Carolina. He has worked on David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, the award-winning documentary film The Last Flight of Petr Ginz, contributed to the award-winning Flight anthologies and is a member of fantasy art collective Muddy Colors.

  3. Manga Mondays ~ Prema Jatukanyaprateep

    Prema Jatukanyaprateep, known by the pen name Prema-ja, is a Thai comic book artist and animator. Her most notable work is the manga, Bokbig, published by the Cartoonthai Institute. It was awarded the 2013 International Manga Award’s Gold Award. Topping 256 entries from 53 countries.

  4. Manga Mondays ~ Huangh Chern

    Huangh Chern, also known as huanGH64, is an illustrator and character designer predominantly working in game development. She was a character and color designer for Skvader’s cat detective game, Seeker.

  5. Thomas Campi

    Thomas Campi is a comic book artist and illustrator, currently based in Sydney, Australia. Working professionally for over 15 years, with international publishers Flesk/Spectrum 22, Sergio Bonelli Editore, Glénat, LeLombard and Dupuis.

  6. Jacob McAlister

    Jacob McAlister is a freelance Illustrator, Teacher, Actor and Singer (no, seriously). He has become most known for his geek culture artwork, drawing from pop cult favourites like Star Wars, Disney, and Studio Ghibli.