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    Jun 2013

    Elliot Alfredius

    elliot-alfredius-05 elliot-alfredius-01 elliot-alfredius-02 elliot-alfredius-03

    An obvious by-product of going to events such as ELCAF, is that you get to meet illustrators. New ones, ones whose work you may not have seen before. Just such an incident happened when I stumbled over to the Peow Studio table. Sat there were a couple of tidy Swedes, Elliot Alfredius and Hanna K.

    A print by Mr. Alfredius caught my eye. It depicted a rabble of tribal characters with red sweeping across their faces. So well done, it was as if the narrative was all there, in that one picture. When I asked about the illustration, if it was stand-alone or part of a story? Mr. Alfredius replied, that it is a sketch inspired by a comic he is working on. And so, in that very moment, I went from shamefully never having heard of Elliot Alfredius to fanboy. He did also mention that he was trying to keep a low profile, but I’m sure he wont mind if you check out his Tumblr and Peow Studio profile.

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    Jun 2013

    Andrea Femerstrand aka Noukah

    andrea-femerstrand-001 andrea-femerstrand-002 andrea-femerstrand-003 andrea-femerstrand-004

    Swedish illustrator Andrea Femerstrand works in the games industry and freelances in her spare time. Her digital painting skills and visual style are well suited to story books and concept art; she’s also a talented character designer. You can see a lot of her step-by-step process on her Behance page, which is very insightful.

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    May 2013

    Jovo Ve

    jovo-ve-01 jovo-ve-03 jovo-ve-02 jovo-ve-04 jovo-ve-05

    Illustrator and designer Jovo Ve was born in Macedonia, although moved Göteborg, Sweden when he was very young. Studying both Art and Visual History at Göteborgs University and then Visual Communication at Linnaeus University. Working as a freelance illustrator and Art Director his clients include Moleskine and Adidas. Mr. Ve’s style is brash, very often using flat colour and bold lines, depicting hip and sexy females. See more of his work by popping over to his art blog, Painted Numbers.

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    Jul 2012

    Manga Mondays ~ Nana Li

    nana-li-001 nana-li-002 nana-li-003

    Nana Li grew up in Sweden and now lives in the UK. She graduated with a degree in engineering, but judging from the quality of her work, I think we can all see that her real passion is manga illustration. Some of her clients include Letraset, Canon, Simon & Schuster and the Victoria & Albert Museum. That’s not a bad client list for an engineer..!

    Visit Nana Li’s website.

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