“star wars”

  1. Scott Wills

    I have recently taken a strong interest in colour theory, and colourist. Trying to understand why certain pallets work and how to come up them. There is a lot to learn from today’s feature. Presenting the work of Scott Wills, who is among other things, a master of colour.

  2. Tom Fowler

    Continuing our unsolicited Canadian courtship I present to you Thomas W. H. Fowler. Hailing from Ottawa (Canada), and kicking around the comic circuit for a number of years, his previous published works include Revolution on the Planet of the Apes, Venom, Green Arrow, Grendel, Star Wars: Jango Fett and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight. Not forgetting he was also a regular contributor to Comic Twart.

  3. Andy Helms

    There is a multitude of merry work by Texas based, Andy Helms. His blog, oktotally has a plethora of pop-culture piece. Some of which have been thoughtfully animated for Mr. Helms amusement and ours. I am especially appreciating his He-man and X-men interpretations.

  4. PJ McQuade

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now would be a good time to order gifts and cards. For anyone who’s into Star Wars, PJ’s ‘Yoda Cupid’ card could be just what you’re looking for…If not, PJ also has some fantastic giclee prints available, such as his Brigitte Bardot.

  5. Ryan Andrews

    I was just introduced to the work of Ryan Andrews, an American illustrator currently living in Japan. He has created a couple outstanding web comics, “Our Bloodstained Roof” and the Eisner nominated “Sarah and the Seed“. He uses the vertical canvas brilliantly and the format really accentuates the story. To read more of his comics, and to see his work, hope over to his website.